Optical fiber is the dominant media for long distance high-speed transmission systems. The rapid advance in transmission technology has gradually improved from the early phase of replacing electrical cables between repeaters by optical fibers to a new phase of transmitting multiple wavelengths in a much longer distance without any electronic amplifications. Thus, the fundamental architecture of the telecommunication infrastructure developed in the pre-photonic era needs to be re-examined.

Our major thrust in lightwave network research is to identify system architectures and supporting technologies, which would allow the sharing of the enormous bandwidth available in the optical fiber. The physical infrastructure will consist of a backbone network of optical fibers connecting various central offices, enterprises and high capacity hubs, and meshes of local access networks serving the end users. The local access networks can be wired or wireless.

Our research activities can be categorized into three major areas:
   1. advanced lightwave technologies,
   2. high-speed multimedia networking, and
   3. broadband local distribution and access network.